6-Week SAT/ACT Math
This online teacher-led course prepares students to successfully take Math sections of SAT and ACT.  It is designed to be short, but don't be fooled: it's as powerful as any course out there, giving the students mastery of Algebra 1, Geometry and parts of Algebra 2. And all that in 1.5 short months! 

It packs all this material in a robust 45-hour course, where students learn and review all SAT/ ACT Math in the first 3 weeks and then focus on standardized tests to hone their skills in weeks 4-6. Every part of the process is fine-tuned to create maximum impact in the least amount of time. We are so sure that this program is effective that we offer a Money-Back Guarantee on it.      

Such rapid results are possible through our use of powerful mnemonic techniques, intensive mode of learning, and our proprietary way of organizing Math topics, formulas and facts into a special system for best information retention. You can learn more about the 4 components of this method by watching our webinar, which you can visit by clicking below. After you watch this free training, you can schedule a free consultation by following the link at the end of the webinar. 
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4 Tricks to Learn Math in 6 Weeks
This ebook talks about 4 main techniques that make it possible to learn lots of information in a short amount of time. And the best thing? It does not matter if you are an A student or someone who has difficulties with learning. If you follow the methods mentioned in the book, your academics will improve. 

More importantly, if you use these techniques, not only will you learn whatever subject you apply them to - you will feel in control of your knowledge and your life.  
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The Ultimate SAT Blueprint for Parents
This hands-on tool is a must if you have a student in your house who is preparing for SAT. This Blueprint takes you from the beginning and shows you, step by step, what to focus on at each stage of the preparation process, eliminating stress that often comes from an overwhelming multi-step undertaking, such as important standardized tests that hold your child's future in their hands. 

This blueprint is comprehensive enough, yet it is concise and has the form of a checklist, so you can literally check off all your boxes as you help your child move along towards college readiness.
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