SAT Math in 6 weeks
Raise SAT/ACT Math score and boost your grade 
See how students in grades 7-11 can save time and learn Math the brain-friendly way! This research-based, innovative approach allows you to learn Algebra 1, Geometry and parts of Algebra 2 in just 6 weeks. The same approach can be applied to any other subject.
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Brilliant results
We spent years developing this course so that students could get fast results and remember every important formula and fact.
College prep
You will know all math required to pass your SAT/ACT successfully. What's even better: you will learn how to become an efficient learner.
After you see the results, you will get your confidence back. This course helps students use brain-friendly study techniques that deliver.  
"people who develop the ability to acquire new and better forms of knowledge...will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future"
~ Brian Tracy ~
Resources to Empower Your Learning
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4 Tricks to Learn Math in 6 Weeks
This ebook talks about 4 main techniques that make it possible to learn lots of information in a short amount of time. And the best thing? It does not matter if you are an A student or someone who has difficulties with learning. If you follow the methods mentioned in the book, your academics will improve. 

More importantly, if students use these techniques, not only will they learn any subject fast and with good retention - they will feel more in control of their knowledge and their life, becoming efficient and independent learners. 
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