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Our program - 6 Week SAT Math course - was developed by Dr. Ilia Kolmagorov over the course of several years of his SAT prep teaching, where he grew increasingly frustrated with slow results that traditional methods gave his students. As a result of this effort, learners now need a mere 1.5 months in this intensive training which allows them to receive outcomes similar to those achieved by spending 2.5 years studying Algebra 1, Geometry and parts of Algebra 2. Such results are possible because of the use of mnemonic techniques in combination with special teaching methods that work synergistically to amplify the efficiency of students' efforts. Without these high-power components, you wouldn't be able to achieve these results.  

Dr. Kolmagorov's obsession with efficient ways of learning - getting more results in less time - stems from his early school experience. He was a struggling learner in elementary school, and it took him extra effort to catch up with the rest of the class. While he eventually became one of the best students, learning consumed all his time, causing constant anxiety and depression.   

His life changed in high school, when a university professor showed him how he can use more efficient learning techniques to organize information and have more control over his life. As a result, he got into university, then became an educator and got his Ph.D. It became his passion to help students understand academic subjects using the best methods available bringing the fastest results. 

Dr. Ilia Kolmagorov is Founder of Super Learning Solutions LLC. He lives in South Florida. 

Watch this video to see how the idea behind our intensive programs was conceived and what limitation sparked our founder's quest for better learning techniques. The surprising thing is that so few people are using the methods that have been around for years and even centuries. Discover all this for yourself in this video.   
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"Wonder is the seed of knowledge"
~ Francis Bacon ~
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4 Tricks to Learn Math in 6 Weeks
This ebook talks about 4 main techniques that make it possible to learn lots of information in a short amount of time. And the best thing? It does not matter if you are an A student or someone who has difficulties with learning. If you follow the methods mentioned in the book, your academics will improve. 

More importantly, if you use these techniques, not only will you learn whatever subject you apply them to - you will feel in control of your knowledge and your life.  
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